Addiction Explained

The Pattern of Drug Addiction

Jails, Institutions, or Death

Jails, Institutions, or Death

Whether talking about any drug addiction: alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, methamphetamine addiction, or even heroin addiction, the pattern is the same:

The person tries to escape some physical or emotional pain by taking drugs.

This could be a physical or emotional pain, or the discomfort of boredom, peer pressure, lack of social skills.

The person finds that the drugs offer temporary relief, so continues to abuse them.

When the person uses the drugs it seems to handle their immediate problem. With continued use of the drug, the person becomes physically or mentally dependent on the substance. Often both physical and emotional dependence exist to varying degrees. The now addicted person experiences cravings for the drug.

The cravings have a way of making the person desperate for more drugs in increasing amounts. Drug cravings become so severe that the addict will do almost anything (in many cases, abandoning all previous moral teachings) to get more of the drug. People who are addicted will find themselves doing things they would never have contemplated before. As the substance abuse continues the cravings intensify and more of the drug is required.

The addict commits misdeeds against family, friends, and themselves to satisfy unrelenting cravings. These misdeeds include lying, stealing, cheating, anything to get the drugs to satisfy the drug cravings.Because of these misdeeds, The person is now entrapped in full blown drug addiction. Waiting won’t help a drug addict. No matter what they say, if they haven’t quit using drugs by now, they won’t, without help.

Intentions Of a Drug Addict

End Of The Line?

End Of The Line?

Why can’t they just stop using drugs?

Don’t they know this is ruining their lives?

Why can’t they see what it’s doing to them?

No one intends to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately many of us do. Drug addicts don’t become addicted with the intention to destroy their lives and to cause upset to those they love.

These conditions are the by-product of drug addiction. The drug addict lies to everyone, things start missing around the house, and the dishonesty conveyed is proportionate to the severity of the addiction. These things are apparent to those living with an addict.

Our experiences show that the drug addict or alcoholic is usually an intelligent and most often creative person with much hope for the future. This only adds to the calamity of their downfall.

As the addict slips down the spiral, their loved ones try to deny the problem exists, sometimes for years. This is a part of the vicious cycle of drug addiction.